PARSIFAL, playingfields – THE GAME –
What to do when the hero doesn’t show up?

We’re all on the dream team and it’s your job to invent the future.

PARSIFAL, THE GAME is an event, a transition-tool and (live)performance in one. Immersed in a unique, transmedial adaptation of the Parsifal myth, using live-music and video, lectures, (serious)games and workshops, players battle for a holy spear. During the game, players are challenged to cause a spectacular shift from an old, egocentric attitude based on profit and survival, into a compassionate practice. The new practise refers to co-creation, sustainability, inclusion, equality, next economy and new leadership.

PARSIFAL, THE GAME is developed and directed by Arlon Luijten in collaboration with Operadagen Rotterdam, TU Delft and DRIFT Rotterdam. It was part of PARSIFAL, playingfields, a three part opera performed at the Operadagen Rotterdam 2016. Now PARSIFAL, THE GAME is customised to be played in cities, at companies and at schools all over the world.