Personal note from the director Arlon Luijten

“The truth is no longer found; it’s created “(Richard Rorty)

Based and experienced as a theatre and opera director, Arlon Luijten intends to add a whole new dimension to the world of interdisciplinary, transmedial games. In his performances he works with new music compositions, live music and an interdisciplinary mix of actors, singers, dancers and experts from different fields outside the arts. A repertoire arises consisting of performances and concepts which combine an approach of the so called ‘high art’ and ‘ low art’; and thereby fill the gap between the complex content of conceptual art on the one side, and the accessibility and entertainment of big spectacles on the other side.

In PARSIFAL, playingfields Arlon researches the adding qualities of fragmented, transmedeal storytelling, game-mechanics and co-creation in a piece of art.
Theatre can disturb, confront us with our own tragic behaviour, but also comfort us with beauty or surprise with fresh insights. It challenges us to reflect on life from different angles. It can make us understand life by (re)constructing language, body, behaviour and situation – by showing us the tragic and
absurdity of the choices we make.

In PARSIFAL, playingfields he invites the audience to immerse itselve in the ‘playingfields of experience, dreams and reflection’. The work reflects on environments that facilitate the audience to not only experience the story and its possible developments, but also to be made accountable for it. Seduced by the storyline, performance, music, video and technology, it can try out several concepts of what it means to be ‘human in metropolis live’. One is forced to break free from the passive roll of only contemplative consuming the truth of the artist, and challenged to co-create a collective truth, moral or idea.

“In nowadays work I see mainly absurdity, ironic criticism and escapist poetry. I wonder if that is what we need today. Do we need art to show us the problems and otiosity of our lives and the choices we make in it? Isn’t the media and its information overload already showing us, and making us conscious of, the great problems and challenges we are facing economically, social and ecological? Instead of pointing out the problems, can’t art be a platform for the design of solutions?”

“While we try to relate to the challenges of this world, we painfully come aware that, with the lack of trust in politics or religion, it’s hard to navigate without a moral compass. With the post-modern absence of the believe in an absolute truth, nowadays artists seem to avoid the presentation of a personal truth, scared of being taken for moralistic. The danger is, that although we are yearning for direction, artists offer us only predictable criticism and implicit, abstract alternatives. Let this be the time wherein a crossover between gameplay, art, performance and (social) innovation creates a transmedial space for the (co)creation of new ideas, directions and meaning!”